Real Estate Portal

Real estate portal development is a simple online portal that will provide any dealership website with a great real estate and products management system. Use the real estate portal and real estate designs to build real estate classified ads platforms and real estate ads websites. The real estate portal development is deployable on your server and needs to be installed onto your hosting account. Use the laravel framework to build a Real Estate website development.

Product Highlights

Integrate a high-end Lavalite real estate script into your website and present properties for sale and/or for rent to a broader audience of potential buyers. Grant other users the rights to add their own property Real estate ads and make more money. See the standard features:

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Learn and use faster

Our speedy training program gets you and your employee assets up and running with personalized training services.

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Increased Lead Generation

You can change various languages to your website. Admins can add, edit and delete languages. And also change text buttons, titles etc.

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Reduced Operational Costs

You can create your own product advertising platform and charge vendors for publishing their listing.

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Rise in Profit Levels

Attract your leads, agents to our business and boost up the top business generating agents. Power up the productivity measures for every agent asset holdings.

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Role-based Access

Three user roles are supported. Admins have full access and can add other admins, landlord, and tenant with different access rights.

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Multiple Languages

The built-in multi-language plugin provides a hassle-free translation of titles and system messages on both the front and the back-end.

Delivery Approach

Custom technical solutions tailored to our clients’ specific business objectives and product vision, industry standards, and non-functional requirements


Analyze project requirements

Analyze your business vision and objective for the project roadmap.


project goals

Clarify product requirements and collaborate on your project goals.



Shape your project vision with innovative solution design in accordance with the product vision and strategy


the software

Develop the software application and user experience based on the agreed software design road map and documentation



Provide and monitor software quality to deliver a high-quality product that meets requirements



Deploy the software product and ensure a successful launch to minimize risk and maximize ROI


Support and

Product support and maintain to improve the product functionality based on analytics data and user feedback

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Fast and cost effective support and maintenance.

Optimize infrastructure and software products that require less time and money for support, maintenance, and upgrades.

Maximize UX and tech stack potentials to attract a wider audience and to enter new markets.

Well comprehensive documented architecture of the software product.

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