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Bulk Email & SMS

Bulk e-Mail

Bulk email is when one email is sent to multiple recipients. The number of bulk email recipients per email can vary from  hundreds to thousands and to tens of thousands. Bulk emailing is generally used by companies to direct market services and goods to consumers.

Companies commonly use bulk email to create direct email marketing campaigns that promote services or goods to consumers. A bulk email can be used to reach existing clients, as well as to reach the prospective clients. Many companies create multiple bulk email versions and target each one’s message to a particular group of people.


Bulk SMS

Bulk SMS expands your business and financial developments owing to the globalization in the world. Bulk sms refers to the huge volume of SMS being sent to customers, clients, companies and individuals, as a part of the various social and business purposes. We promote Bulk SMS facility efficiently while being cost effective, fast and easy at the same time.

Our  bulk SMS is a web based SMS service that can deliver S M S messages to the world.  This  Bulk SMS gateway is tuned to deliver the fastest and most reliable SMS messaging compared with other SMS Providers. You can send bulk text via our web interface.


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