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Blackberry Application Development

Blackberry smartphones have changed the face of mobile communications. Still the most popular name in smartphones, Blackberry's come in a number of models, including the Pearl, Bold and Storm. Each combines all the features of a traditional cell phone with enhanced data transfer, communication and multimedia capabilities. Built around a proprietary operating system, Blackberry sets the standard that all other smart phone manufacturers strive for.


Mobisoft Infotech has leveraged Blackberry's innovative platform to deliver cutting-edge mobile applications. Our team of dedicated professionals has extensive experience creating mobile applications that take full advantage of the Blackberry technology.


Our products for the Blackberry include:

  • Enterprise systems
  • Business applications
  • Games
  • mLearning Tools and interactive self-tests (Mobile Learning)
  • Reference Books
  • Custom Applications and much more

Blackberry Features:

  • Flexible communications, including text, social networking instant messaging and support for multiple e-mail platforms via an Enterprise Server
  • "Push" technology that keeps data continually updated.
  • A range of multimedia functions, camera, video recording, media player
  • Wi-Fi connectivity to supplement and offset cellular network coverage.
  • A rich graphical interface and platform to support mobile applications.
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